I make electronic dance music with Manjaro and free software


I'm unfa, I make electronic music with Ardour and open-source plug-ins.

Here's me recent drum&bass single:


I also make videos where I share what I know and what I've learned thought the 10+ years I'm doing this to help the libre music-making community.

Fort more than a past year I'm also holding monthly livestreams where I make music, answer questions and - play viewer-submitted music and give feedback.

Here's a recent one archived:

And this page holds a countdown to the next one:

I used to run KX Studio (which got outdated) and then Linux Mint (which dumped KDE Plasma), but last year I've switched to Manjaro and I love it fro a few reasons (in no particular order):

  1. AUR has a ll the software I could ever ask for
  2. Manjaro has a great community that is very friendly and positive
  3. I really like the default config and software that comes with Manjaro (lz4 and htop for example are bundled!). Maybe in the newest release I didn't like that Octopi was removed - I had to install it back, but that's no biggie.
  4. It has a KDE Plasma edition as main dish - and I love that. I need the extra features that Plasma has like custom window and application rules, fine grained window management etc. Plus KDE Connect is great for your phone.

I wonder if there's more music producers using Manajaro? :slight_smile:

Please share your creations and what software do you use!


i'm a producer but i haven't done anything for myself in a while, and can't really show the work stuff because contracts and other such reasons.
been watching your tut videos on and off, i like them.

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I only know about


For being involved in making music on Manjaro ... https://lmms.io/


That's really cool, I like it a lot :+1:

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