I need help about vfio using two identical GPUs

Hey there beautiful people!

I've been trying to passthrough one of my GPU to install a KVM via vfio for a while now. I've followed some tutorials:

I figured out at some point that it is much much harder since I have two identical GPUs. I've managed to get everything in order up to the point where I regen my initramfs (mkinitcpio -p linux56) but when I reboot, it gives me the "sh /usr/bin/vfio-pci-override.sh Permission Denied" echo.

The thing is, I don't fully understand Haelikor's fix in VFIO script and Permission Denied. forum post. How do I append "pcie_acs_override=downstream,multifunction" to my boot? Also, will I have to manually shutdown the second iommu group at each boot?

I'd really like to keep both of those GPUs since the only other GPU I have would be a decent downgrade. I tried chmoding it with 777 to no avail. I have absolutely no problem starting from scratch again (already re-installed manjaro thrice XD what a noob am I right?) .

I'm using:

  • Z170a PC Mate Mobo
  • I3 7100 CPU
  • 16 Gb @3200Mhz
  • 2 GTX 1070
  • Linux 56 Kernel
  • Proprietary Drivers for the nvidia cards
  • Manjaro 20.0 XFCE Desktop Environnement
  • M.2 1Tb Drive

I would be happy to provide any information needed if I missed anything. Thanks a ton for the help, it would be very much appreciated. Thus said, have a nice one y'all!

There is a great forum that has built a user base with a lot of knowledge around this topic. My advice would be to ask there.


Thanks a ton @Kaventsmann!

I've been trying to get this to work for over 12h now :sweat_smile:. I will look at this right now! Will update the results later.

Have a nice one mate!

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Hey there people!

Just as a heads up for everyone. I gave up on trying to install qemu on KVM with two identical GPUs since I kinda wanted to use the PC. So I installed a lower-end GPU for linux (since my 1070 is being used to play games) and it only took me 1 hour to install the KVM this way (including the windows installation :laughing:).

So I'll maybe try again later on when I'll have more time on my hands. It is kind of a cheap solution ,but it works for now :stuck_out_tongue:.

Have a nice one everybody and stay safe!

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