I need help

hey is there anyone who are using lamp on kde ,
i need help please
before 5 month i had followed this tutorial Install Apache, MariaDB, PHP (LAMP) 2016 it works
but a month ago i tried other destro and finally want to use kde again and
i try to set up lap a week ago but there was problem on mariadb
yesterday i reinstalled kde
i am learning php programming so
i must have lamp on my laptop please helep me please

What exactly doesn't work? What error messages do you get?

If you'd like to get help resolving your issue I'd highly suggest editing your title. The title should contain something like "Problems with MariaDB & Lamp".

Titles such as "I need help" are not encouraged, as they are not descriptive.

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Is it the same issue as here: Lamp setup
Then I would like to merge them or close one of them.

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Existing thread: Lamp setup

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