I restarted Manjaro, and my screen setting are different!

I use Xfce. I just did a restart, because I'm installing Brother printer software, and now my look and feel are totlly changed. i have an ugly blue screen with a RAT logo!
My layout is all over the place, I like dark everything -my old eyes get sore!
What is going on please?
Why is Manjaro messing with the settings I chose?
PS Ain't nobody got time for this sh!!!

just reset it its gone back to the xfce logo
probably that nvidia crap you got on there caused it

Thanks for reply. Is there a 'reset' command? Or do I have to manually go through a thousand agonies yet again?

just right click on a blank screen and click on configure desktop

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desktop settings

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where in southeast asia are you

Sent you a PM Ron.

didnt get it yet

You set up to receive messages from the forum? Sent 13 mins ago.

Got it almost back to normal, thanks. Now to tackle Firefox, all settings VPN etc. zapped, as if id never signed up. .
I've been warned the Mac is a worry with Manjaro, I need to set up full desktop back-ups I think ASAP.

oh you on a mac

you can install timeshift on manjaro


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