I suddenly get logged out

I am running cinnamon desktop, and sometimes, in the middle of me using it, I get logged out. How can I fix this?

I have the same issue. I'm running KDE and kernel 4.15

I thought it was just me who experience it. I am also running an i3 desktop. Can someone help us to resolve this issue?

Try downgrading the libinput to 1.9.4. It stopped random crash in my system.

And I thought it was me unintentionally pressing some key-combination with $mod I wasn't aware of yesterday when the same thing happened to me. Did the downgrade as well and will see if something like it is happening again.

may be check journalctl & var/log/Xorg.0log

Did anyone solve this problem for you? I could mark it as solved.

I found out after testing many desktops of manjaro that it usually is present on UEFI systems.

Please tell me if you have this issue often on a BIOS system and I will do more research.

I checked system logs and I think this is the cause:
[ 16124.471] (EE) client bug: timer event8 keyboard: offset negative (-1ms)
Can you help me decode this message?

It just happened to me again. This time with kernel 4.16 and libinput 1.9.4 when opening the lid after a suspend of ca. 30 min. I could hear, I think, 2 sec. of the podcast I was listening to before closing the lid, and then the sudden logout happened. So I think downgrading libinput wasn't really the solution. I will upgrade it again and wait when it will affect me again.
Until then, can someone tell which tools I should use in this case to troubleshoot?

Have you guys tried to install libinput-gestures
Take a look at this

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