I think I Broke manjaro some how

Hi I started my pc today and it just did come up text and I don't understand why it happened plz help 28

Would this be of help?


either that or an unsupported GPU. @KL200 posting some hardware information might help when asking for technical assistance.

From the live ISO if necessary, please run:

Inxi -Fxzc0

You can paste the output in the forum thread rather than photographing it. enclose it in ``` on the line above and below the output


I can't type in eny code

I have a i7 and a msi b75ma-p45 mother bord and a nividia quadro 2000

How do I fix it?

Boot up from the live CD/DVD, open up a terminal and type...

manjaro-chroot -a

Then, in the chroot environment, run the following command...

pacman-mirrors -f5 && pacman -Syyu

Let the upgrade finish. When you're done, type...


... to leave the chroot environment, and reboot the machine.

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How do I boot up from a DVD?

Thx so mutch it did work

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Please read things you are given to read. The information is already available, and expecting people to spend time re-typing something just because you can't be bothered to spend any time reading is unreasonable.

Note to others: please do not re-post information which has already been provided. "Spoon-feeding" is detrimental to the forum.


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