I want to dual boot windows 10 on a manjaro machine

So i've installed Manjaro and for various reasons want to dual boot windows with Manjaro.
I'm using Manjaro, not windows and i want to dual boot it.
I've got the image and a usb stick, hold my hand all the way. Thank you.

Tell us if system is uefi or bios-legacy.
If uefi, make a new $esp just for windows.

This first post will help.

Just so you know Windows 10 doesn't play well with Linux. You probably can get it installed and working properly, but it's very likely a Windows update down the road may bork your install.

My computer's uefi

If he has a separate $esp for windows, that will minimize the damage.
He then just need to boot to Manjaro using the boot function key and
when booted, set the efi boot priority back to Manjaro.
No need to reinstall anything.

HaHa. I removed the superfluous words from your quote to reveal the true meaning of your statement. :smile:

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Don't worry, we're around.
We fix anything. That includes bring back to life your goldfish. :grin:


Well, i've got the usb inserted, and i of course changed the usb to 1st in the boot order and its saying "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

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