I want to make a Community Edition, Manjaro DWM.

Hi Guys and Gals! As my title states I would like to make a community edition of Manjaro.
Could you give me some help with starting Development and eventually getting it on the site?


Sounds like an interesting idea. Can you tell more about what you need? Are you familiar with manjaro-tools and how the isos are built?

Not really, I need a good tutorial on manjaro-tools but i've tried manjaro-tools though.

Okay, let's look into it. We might be busy for a few days, but if you look though these git repos, you should get a good idea how to make a iso-profile:

You might want to copy an existing iso-profile like bspwm and modify it to provide your dwm configuration instead.

I'll return to the matter in a few days, but if not, ping me.

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Thank you! I'll look into it on tommorow!

I would be interested in seeing this come about, as community editions are something I haven't found outside of Manjaro and help people who have no idea how a DE/WM works, actually use it instead of wasting 4 hours trying to set it up.

My only concern is how exactly you'd handle patches, because that seems like everyone's major sticking point and you can only apply so many before things break.

That's a good point. In the starter build it will be patched pretty heavily, but if they want to apply more patches, I don't know. Maybe in the Manjaro Hello for it their could be some guides to make their own dwm, instead of the preloaded one.

You can reach out to our developer team to get you started.

Else we use ALMA to create some USB-Sticks.

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Thank you so much for these tutorials, this will really help.

I've sort of started on the iso but I am on Artix Linux (personal preference, I prefer a more vanilla install than Manjaro) and can not install manjaro-tools-iso (or equivalent) if you guys could help that would be great!

I tried pulling it starmake clean && make && sudo make clean install but it didn't work because db2x_manxml is not installed. < -- Fixed
New Problem:

install: cannot stat 'bin/mkchroot': No such file or directory
install: cannot stat 'bin/basestrap': No such file or directory
install: cannot stat 'bin/manjaro-chroot': No such file or directory
install: cannot stat 'bin/fstabgen': No such file or directory
install: cannot stat 'bin/signfile': No such file or directory
install: cannot stat 'bin/chroot-run': No such file or directory

When I sudo make clean install
Is it becuase commands are different on Arch vs Artix?

You need manjaro-tools-base first. Those files are provided by that package. You can also just download the packages directly and install it with pacman -U if you are on artix


I was trying to install manjaro-tools-base from src, thats the repo I was using, and when I tried pacman -U xxx-xxx-xx.pkg.tar.xst' it said: unable to satisfy dependency 'pacman-mirrorlist>=20160301' required by manjaro-tools-base` Which I assume means that Artix Linux does not have the right mirrors?

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