I want to run a Windows program, Ham Radio Deluxe

I have had 2 suggestions.

  1. Run it in WINE
  2. Run something like this:
    For those very stubborn windows programs that just want to run on windows and not a windows emulator environment like WINE, then the easy way to get around this is to install the VMWARE player.

It sounds like the VMWARE idea might run better. I have never used it but I have had unpleasant experiences running WINE. I have not tried WINE yet.
So, before I get too tangled in the weeds what are your suggestions ?


VMware can be a troublesome to keep running.

VirtualBox is much easier to work with. Using the Oracle extensions package makes it easy to connect almost any device to the Window VM.

Could you point me to some decent reading where I can find out about Virtual Box ?

Apart from the obligatory wikis - search for virtualbox

There is the official web site

There is also a guide to get the most of it.

I am betting you want to just install and use that program, and that you have some time and experience invested in having learned HRD.

However, depending no how much you like to tinker, you might be interested in linux-native apps to perform some of the functions for you directly from linux. Check out the Arch linux wiki page on Amateur Radio packages available from AUR...... https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Amateur_radio

Full Disclosure - I have 0 experience with HAM radios

Well it sure looks to be well documented so this could be fun.

thanks again

I have no experience with HRD but it is well reviewed for what I am attempting to do.
I started out with a project to build, track and communicate with satellites as they make their way across the sky.
That led me to HRD which is a Windows product and I only have linux in my house.
hence my quest.


Maybe one of these would be of interest?

There are packages for both of these in AUR, but neither one of them would install on my machine. You would probably be best getting the source code from either site and compiling on your own.

Glad you posted your question ... I didn't even know stuff like this was out there, but it sure looks interesting after a few searches. :slight_smile:

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