I was wondering if cinnamon version on unstable is still broken.

When I updated about a week ago the whole cinnamon desktop was unusable. What I mean by that for me when you clicked on program to load it wouldn't load. The only thing I could get work was Firefox. If you right clicked on the desktop it would show lines across the whole thing. Do a weird blinking screen thing never seen the cinnamon desktop do before. However my XFCE desktop was uneffected. Which I found rather strange at the time. So I went uninstalled the unstable version of cinnamon desktop and reinstalled stable version.

Quite unclear at this point if you had Cinnamon and XFCE installed on the same system, or you are talking about separate installs. Is also quite unclear if

means you switched branches on the same install, or you made a clean install from an ISO that by default uses stable branch.
I have an unstable install of Cinnamon and is working fine, was never broken for me, so ...

Uncommon issue.

I have both installed on the same system. If I have to I switch branches if needed to make package go to an older version cause it not working correctly. The reason I do this is because I remember KDE used to behave exactly like this in the early days. That was when I used to run Sidux which is longer distro that is updated.

Ah, so we are discussing then, about how switching branches is, what would be the outcome of mixing DEs in some cases ... :slight_smile: All good.

My Cinnamon is intact, no mix with another DE, and i kept it on unstable since the install. I wonder if once an install has a mix of Cinnamon and XFCE, does it belong to #support-for-community-editions or to #support-for-official-editions ?

Now that's a conundrum. I'd go with whichever was the initial install?

Fwiw, I have an Arch Cinnamon setup (very similar to Manjaro unstable) and have had no issues with it. It's most likely something in the mixing of DE's.

I have a mixed install (Cinnamon over XFCE) on the testing branch and it is running fine (for a couple years) despite my sloppy update habits. The two DEs are compatible co-existing in my experience.

Manjaro is made so you can run multiple desktops on a personal computer. So is Debian which we run were I work. People run multiple desktop packages there have no issues. I would agree with you if I was running actual just arch linux. Which I have before hated the start over phase most of the time when you updated.

Mixing Plasma and Gnome DE's for one user usually doesn't work out so well, regardless of the distro. Separate users for each DE is typically suggested here. YMMV.

When I was informally testing proposed fixes for baytrail cstate freezes, I had to hard reset hundreds of times. About 4 or 5 times, the freezes damaged the install and it had to be reinstalled. You didn't mention any crashes or hard resets. All I'm saying is your update should have worked. My desktop is now running the same or newer packages than your unstable branch setup would have had last week. Either another unstable update, or the reinstall, fixed the Cinnamon issue you had.

I think I do clean install maybe that will work better. Thanks for the suggestion of how to fix it. I always appreciate peoples help.

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