I wish to see more publicity for Manjaro Linux

Please discuss what are the best wallpapers of Manjaro.

Please send your best wallpapers to Distrowatch and publish them on
Screenshots of Manjaro Linux at Wikimedia commons also.

The purpose of the topic was not clear. @peter_li wants primarily to update Wikipedia articles about Manjaro.

I warned him about Distrowatch that the authors there are quite reserved towards suggestions to change the descriptions of the listed distros. At least it was the case in the past. Here is an old discussion for reference:

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Thanks a lot!

that you, after our discussion, in the end have permitted this post in the forum.

I dont know. I always had a perfect score with getting them to change things. Even about distros I had no affiliation with. (example - there was something I considered erroneous about their description of elementary, 1 email later it was updated)

You are very diplomatic, but in the topic I linked is an example that a request can rub them the wrong way.

The screenshots for Wikipedia or Distrowatch should have the unaltered theming, IMHO.

@peter_li, I think you can post links to the screenshots you like here. The category is here: https://archived.forum.manjaro.org/c/showcase/desktop-screenshots
The user will get a notification and if they won't protest then it should be possible to use them.

Hey, hey, whats with the put-downs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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