I would like my linux to run faster, my laptop is a super laptop

With the level of experience you are revealing - I don't think the question or a possible answer to it is relevant.

please excuse the question

The more you explore the possibilities of Linux the less you will think about the Macbook. Unless you might want to use MacOS specific proprietary application which are not available on Linux.

And IMHO Linux is better for compiling, because MacOS wasn't developed for compiling but for the end user.

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i am firmly convinced that linux is better than mecbook, but i would like to do it, to have from whom to learn, yes?

I have a fingerprint sensor, how can I activate it?

how do you start the compilation process?
Usually the tool or script offers parameters where you can tell it to use a specific number of threads. The most-used default is 1, while your CPU offers 8 threads.

you can check in any system monitor if all 8 threads of your CPU are used during compilation or if it uses only 1 core/thread.

I really think you a chasing straws.
My Arch gnome boots from grub to a fully funtional desktop in 6.5 secs and imean fully functional desktop, i only have a 5 year old i5 intel processor, on this same machine i have win10 it boots to the login screen in 15 secs no hibanation then another 5 secs to desktop then 2sec to fully functioning desktop.
Gnome boots to fully functioning desktop in 6.5 secs.
Win 10 boots to fully functioning desktop in 22 secs.
Then i have hackintosh a mac not running on a tweaked apple motherboard, but the exact same hardware now that mac has a long boot time, as it takes 15 secs for the boot loader to load. but once
the apple logo appears it is comparable to Linux with the Gnome desktop.

Also Mac is very misunderstood mac is not suitable as a server rubbish, Mac is not suitable for compiling rubbish.
Mac is UNIX FreeBSD, Mac can use ports just like Free BSD they are called mac ports, their are lots of cross platform software that runs on mac natively,
Mac is a walled garden not true users can change that if they want to.

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Yes really only one thread is used

It is good to know both UNIX worlds. Especially for someone who wants to become a comuter scientist like @sami does.
Would it make sense to install FreeBSD on his MacBook as a learning experience, @mandog?

Yes it would FreeBSD is a fine operating system and very underrated but needs a lot of researching to understand. To be honest till I built a hackintosh it did not really know how close Mac was to Freebsd as everything is hidden like the default terminal text editor on a Mac is nano, and the terminal is not hidden its part of the accessories group, what i don't like about MAC it does not give anything back just takes that in my mind is morely wrong. So really Mac in a nutshell is just FreeBSD with containers and a desktop, yes its more than that but that is the jist of it

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you should google how you can change your compilation tool to use 8 threads. Most times adding -j8 to the shell command to start the build does the trick. Sometimes configuration files have to be changed.

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Unless you need this service, you can disable and mask it. That may or may not shave a few milliseconds.


I dread to think how much of my life span has been spent waiting for computers to boot in the last 35 years or so. Let's just say a few seconds here or there is beyond irrelevant when compared to old boot times.

Cripes I could only dream of sub 2 minute boot times in the old days. You spoilt millennials. You've no idea how easy you've got it. I could go have a shave after starting up my computer and have a 5 O'clock shadow by the time the boot process completed in the old days. You damn whipersnappers have no idea how good you've got it.


Or as Gord Downie used to say:

Interesting and sophisticated
Refusing to be celebrated
It's a monumental big screen kiss
It's so deep it's meaningless

One day you'll just up and quit
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Just then the stripper stopped in a coughing fit
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Yeah, that's awful close but that's not why
I'm so hard done by



There is a new BIOS version for it.

Is Manjaro or other linux installed on it or do you compare while running MacOS?

I can think of commuter and computer ... scientist /// Science is a method of inquiry, based on the scientific method. Anybody that adheres to that method is a scientist ... or not?

Ah, so that is why people have white hairs, they frow old waiting to have their PC started ? :sweat_smile:


how do i do this?

ok I know and I had a pc that when I opened it, I could take a newspaper and read from it. hahah, but if we have technology why not make the most of it?

RTFM :wink: -> TFM = the Arch Wiki


2 posts were split to a new topic: disabled systemctl login. and now when i wanted to lock the user no longer can login

You Google it, consult the Arch Wiki, the Manjaro Wiki, search this Forum...ask a Magic 8 Ball or Wish Upon a Falling Star.

Basically, you take responsibility for your computer. We cannot do that for you.


I wonder WTF that :rânjit: emoji might be.

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