I would like to thank the Manjaro team for.....(Post your appreciation here)

While I know most people in the community are very appreciative of all the work the Manjaro team (including all the testers) put into this amazing OS, I thought it would be good to start a post where people can thank the Manjaro team in one place - if there is a post like this already, forgive me. Here goes.

I want to thank the Manjaro team for almost 7 years of enjoyment, learning & rock solid performance. I took the chance of replacing Windows XP with Linux all those years ago & after trying Mint, decided I wanted a rolling release. After finding Manjaro, I never looked back.

Delivering such a user-friendly & dependable rolling-release OS, is a major achievement. Being able to run my business on Manjaro is amazing! So, a big thank-you & wishing you all a great 2020.

More power to you all.

Ruziel :slight_smile:


I am using Manjaro KDE for one year now and it works very well.


Manjaro with Xfce - 2 years now.
Archlinux Xfce - 2 years now.
Windows - not one computer.

and Yes!
Thanks to the Manjaro Team and testers. :wink:


@ruziel, I'm grateful to the Manjaro team for giving me the opportunity to work with you back in the early days of the project. :wink:


I discovered Manjaro by chance over at Deminao when He mention the Distro in passing, so I looked it up and been using it ever since Oct 2015.

I was using Linux Mint before and had stop using using Windows back in late 2014.


...their esprit de corps.

Many team members, many years. Well done.


Thanks to Manajro team for sharing the result of your hard work in creating such a wonderful operative system.

And thanks to the Manjaro community/forum for sharing of their wealth of knowledge.

To both I am grateful and indebted.


Thanks and hugs to Manjaro team, testers, people helping other users, mods and guys making new stuff for Manjaro and last but not least... our joke generator... c00ter. You naughty, naughty boy :smile:
jonathon if you're reading this, your ban hammer is waiting for you :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas and a Heavy New Year! :upside_down_face:


G'day mate, how ya going?
Settled down good in Straya?
Be good, hope see you more often here.


... for using discourse as forum software.
... for Pamac and other Manjaro tools.

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For making the superior Arch infrastructure as easy to install as can be, for the incredible, best-in-Linux hardware detection, for a friendly community, and, well, everything else the Manjaro team does!

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For making a user friendly Arch distro mainstream. Arch is pretty awesome but nearly impossible for beginners, and there aren't many polished distros based on Arch for new users to try

Also, the Manjaro settings app is great. Having a simple gui program to switch kernels and drivers makes life a lot easier

Finally, for having a great forum. Linux takes a bit of learning to get it exactly how you want, but it's worth it. The forum is tremendously helpful


Hi Handy. Good to hear from you. You've certainly invested a lot of time & passion in this project over the years & it's great to see so many people from the early days still here. More power to you in 2020. R.


@ruziel, good to hear from you too. :smiley:

Did you really move from S.A. to Oz?

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Hi Handy. Nope, I'm still based in South Africa. I read that Oz is due some much needed rain, so hopefully that will help the fire fighters. More power to you senor! Russ.

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I used to use windows 8, then 8.1
I actually remember pretty much crying out of frustration when I booted my computer for the first time, I couldn't configure it how I wanted, especially with the whole tiled start menu thing. I just wanted a desktop with icons on it, not a desktop ipad, lol. Then 8.1 came along and it got a little more bearable. I got used to it and I think I've used the OS for 5 years without major issue. Refreshed it once, forgot just how much hacks I had done to configure it, frustrated again that I had to do the whole thing again.

Eventually I got into programming compiled languages rather than scripts and it was just such a pain to get things to compile and link! I remember editing the path variable and somehow ■■■■ still not working, it was so frustrating.

I installed ubuntu one day just to see what this Linux thing was all about. Turns out I hate gnome and the history of the company behind ubuntu so I tried Manjaro. (I wanted to try arch, I heard from it through Luke Smith, but it seemed too complicated)

I found that making software for Linux is way easier. It just works!
One day, when all games are built on Vulkan, and refrain from using direct X input, I will be able to play them on Linux, and that is the day that I will dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/sda my windows partition. Linux is obviously a superior kernel (no more 100% disk usage by system.exe), and xfce is far superior to windows.

I just love how you can get your hands dirty and mess around with the system and its config. Sure I break things, but if it gets really bad the forums are always there. If it weren't for the community, I would have probably given up already. Instead you guys lend me a helping hand, and hint me to try and explore things for myself.

Over the past few months I've learned more about my computer, hardware, Linux, pretty much everything than I knew before. It's safe to say my knowledge tripled. And I'm not even scratching the surface of what is to know. I've been cured of the GUI-user disease, and prefer CLIs. My "just let them figure it out for me" mindset has been erased.

If it had not been for this distro and community, I wouldn't have learned C, I wouldn't have known all of these low-level details about my computer and how it works, I wouldn't have been able to point at the tv during hacker scenes and yell You can't just dmesg and pstree your way into a server!

Then again, had it not been for Linux, I wouldn't have to constantly explain that 'No, I'm not "hacking" anything Bertha, I'm just using the terminal to update my system.' or 'I'm just writing this bash script to rename and move some pictures.'

Linux is great, and I honestly can not go back to windows. Just all of the third party exes you need in order to remove preinstalled garbage, really change your system, is mind boggling. I don't understand how I could have ever put up with it for so long.


Addendum, here's some things which are trash about windows:

  • The default sound driver pops and crackles. Linux doesn't.
  • 100% disk usage for some reason. Linux hasn't.
  • "Telemetry", nuff said
  • Windows doesn't have a package manager with curated software
  • Windows update
  • Pre-installed crap
  • You need to pay for pro to encrypt your disk with bitlocker

The sharp ticks, which you can hear, when listening to music with win, is caused by the power levels of the processor.

I would like to thank the team for....well....everything they do. It takes time and dedication to build a Linux Distro, and then there is the community on top of that. Manjaro is a well done project and the dedication of the team is apparent throughout the entire community. So I guess I am also thanking them for taking the time and doing the hard work it takes just to exist. Thanks
for being here, Manjaro Team!

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Let’s not stray too far off topic, but I will say that the #1 thing that drives me wild in Win. is “program.exe” is not responding. I cringe just imagining it. So, thanks Manjaro team, for making sure the distro doesn’t do that :grinning:

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