i3status RAM indication

Hi, community!

Does anybody have success displaying RAM usage via i3status? I'm trying to follow this example in the official documentation and have the following configuration as a result:

order += "memory"

memory {
        format = " %used "

but I keep getting an error... What am I doing wrong?

Which error is displayed?

A red line on the status bar saying:

Error: status_command process exited unexpectedly (exit 1)

Also, when executing i3status in the terminal, I get:

/home/quantized/.config/i3status/config:37: no such option 'memory'

OK, I seem to have found the cause of the error :man_facepalming:

Apparently, the memory module has been added very recently, in version 2.13 of the i3status package, and I'm currently on version 2.12.

Unfortunately, it's not specified in the documentation which features are available from which version.

By the way, version 2.13 of the i3status package is already in the Community repo, but Manjaro i3 comes with its own separate i3status-manjaro package, which is still at version 2.12, and, probably, needs to be updated.

Update: i3status-manjaro has been updated, RAM indication now works.

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