Ibus input methods no longer work on Gnome3.36

The input methods, such as ibus-chewing, ibus-mozc no longer work anymore.

The ibus-daemon is not running by default, I need to run it in terminal, however, if I exit the terminal, ibus-daemon is terminated, I need to enter ibus-daemon&exit to make it work.

ibus-chewing-Message: 11:41:53.866: * focus_in(): statusFlags=1
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:41:53.951: * enable(): statusFlags=15
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:41:53.951: ***** set_capabilities(29): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:41:53.951: * focus_out(): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:41:53.951: * focus_in(): statusFlags=3
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:41:53.952: process_key_event() result=0
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:03.658: * reset
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:08.173: * focus_out(): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:08.174: * focus_in(): statusFlags=3
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:09.226: * focus_out(): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:09.227: * focus_in(): statusFlags=3
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.803: * focus_out(): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.804: * focus_in(): statusFlags=3
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.805: * focus_out(): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.806: * focus_in(): statusFlags=3
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.807: * focus_out(): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.807: * focus_in(): statusFlags=3
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.808: * focus_out(): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.808: * focus_in(): statusFlags=3
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.809: * focus_out(): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.810: * focus_in(): statusFlags=3
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.814: * focus_out(): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.814: * focus_in(): statusFlags=3
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:16.816: * reset
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:18.774: * reset
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:21.284: process_key_event() result=0
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:21.420: process_key_event() result=0
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:21.972: process_key_event() result=0
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:22.076: process_key_event() result=0
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:23.555: * reset
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:23.732: process_key_event() result=0
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:23.852: process_key_event() result=0
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:28.776: * focus_out(): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:28.777: * focus_in(): statusFlags=3
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:29.962: * focus_out(): statusFlags=17
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:29.962: * focus_in(): statusFlags=3
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:31.588: process_key_event() result=0
ibus-chewing-Message: 11:42:31.660: process_key_event() result=0

That's normal...


No, it is not normal
It should just work without any tweak.

Ah, Gnome, Sorry! (on KDE here)...


Currently on arch, encountering the same issue as yours. All you need to do is just create a file named "ibus-daemon(or whatever you like).desktop" under ~/.config/autostart
Here's an example of the file:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=ibus-daemon -drx

It will execute "ibus-daemon -drx" every time you start the session.
Hope my answer works for you.
(just registered to answer your question) :smiley:


I've found an easier way to do it, just add ibus-daemon -drx in ~/.xprofile or ~/.xinitrc


Go it :+1:

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