Icons missing in awesome mainmenu

My problem seems to relate to awesome itself. in rofi I have all the icons, but not in the freedesktop-menu.
I only realized when I saw that shutdown, hibernate etc icons are gone.

Link: rc.lua

Where does awesome look for the icons? Must have removed or deleted something

@frankk @Chrysostomus Can someone of you help me out?
I don't know what I've done that these icons are missing in the freedesktop-menu.
There don't seem to be many Manjaro awesome users...

Tell me what logfiles etc you'd need to help me torubleshoot and find a solution.

It seems to be using a search function to pull the icons, I have no idea how this works but there's lines 110-116 that look like it's what you're after.

myexitmenu = {
    { "log out", function() awesome.quit() end, menubar.utils.lookup_icon("system-log-out") },
    { "suspend", "systemctl suspend", menubar.utils.lookup_icon("system-suspend") },
    { "hibernate", "systemctl hibernate", menubar.utils.lookup_icon("system-suspend-hibernate") },
    { "reboot", "systemctl reboot", menubar.utils.lookup_icon("system-reboot") },
    { "shutdown", "poweroff", menubar.utils.lookup_icon("system-shutdown") }

Things I would check:
Do the other items that use menubar.utils.look_icon("example") work? Do the icons exist in the "Papirus-Dark-Maia" set (should be but, worth checking)? Is the directory structure set as the search function wants (in /usr/share/icons)? Do you have both an 'exit' and 'quit' menu displayed as they should be? Does the quit menu have the correct icons?


The quit-menu also doesn't have the correct icons. They're using the same as in the freedesktop-main-menu.
No icons here, you're right...
Seems that they're only in the Adapta Maia icon theme set which isn't supported anymore.
Will look into that deeper.
Thank your for your help, this does bring me forward.

adapta-maia-theme should be available...

~ >>> pacsearch adapta-maia-theme
community/adapta-maia-theme [installed]
    An adaptive Gtk+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines.Build with Manjaro Maia color

Or am I misunderstanding "supported anymore"?

yes, but adapta-nokto-eta-maia isn't.
and this is what is used in Manjaro awesome.

OK, I tried now everything related to Papirus to copy from the Manjaro awesome iso to my PC > still no icons.
I really don't get it... :frowning:

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You won't believe it: I figured it out!
I changed in the rc.lua this line:

> beautiful.icon_theme = "Papirus-Dark"


> beautiful.icon_theme = "Papirus-Dark-Maia"

But the Maia-Version of Papirus doesn't have my icons. So awesome couldn't display them.
Amazing that I finally resvoled it!

And thanks again @airclay for pointing me to the right direction.

You're a great maintainer (even though you aren't of awesome).

Looking still forward to your bspwm version 20.0.1. Might even switch to it since I know I'd get valuable help if I needed it.


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