Icons on desktop misaligning themselves after every restart

Manjaro 20.0.1 - Cinnamon

Few of the icons on my desktop misalign themselves whenever I restart my computer. Even if I manually align them, they again go awry after a system restart. In my earlier install of Manjaro, icons used to completely knock out other icons from their positions. I've done a fresh install recently and assumed that would be the end of it but its not. Even now once in a while a word document icon will completely knock the trash can icon from its place and some new files will be a little out of the grid etc. How do I fix this?

Did you replaces the icons with same sizes icons and put them in their rightful directory in the theme directory?

No. I havent dont anything as such

It might solve your problem if you do.

Could you elaborate a bit please as to from where I am supposed to get the new icons and where I am to drop them? Beginner here

Are we not talking about custom icons that "fall" out of place?
In ~/.local/share/icons will you find the icon theme you installed (presumable you are using a custom icon theme. Each type of the Desktop is split into apps, mimetypes, devices etc. etc. and split into sizes as well.
It may be that the apps icon that are rioting doesn't install different size of the same icon.

(presumable you are using a custom icon theme.

No. I am actually using the system provided icons and havent messed around with any personalization much. https://i.imgur.com/092FUtE.png

oh okay. Then the place is /usr/share/icons/
But is it some specfic app icons that misbehave?

But is it some specfic app icons that misbehave?

Yes. Wide and large screenshots predominantly but sometimes image file icons and word file icons too

Sounds more and of a bug you encountered than wrong size icon(s). Which branch of Manjaro are you using? Stable/testing/unstable etc.?
You might want to bug report it. The question is to whom. The people behind Cinnamon or the Manjaro guys.

Alright. 20.0.1 Stable. Cinnamon DE. Will report it

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