Idea: Recovery partition

Have you checked btrfs? I think that filesystem was designed with that in mind, though in order to use its features you need to have your partition formatted to it beforehand...

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We would. No I haven't but btrfs COW feature would be great.

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You mean this?

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You use the same technique. Boot a Image not a partition :slight_smile:. We could add the recovery menu entry to etc/grub.d/40_custom so long as we always call the boot image file boot.iso or something of that sort.

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It sounds like a good idea (especially since system76 has this too), however I don't see much of a use case for it. Because of how extensive live-disks are and a user's ability to modify kernel parameters, I don't see this as very necessary. Especially when you use something like Timeshift with BTRFS where you can restore your system to a backup almost instantly. Also, you might just want to have simple shell script for installing packages after reinstalling if you want to! I will say that on an OEM machine this makes sense as a user typically wouldn' have a recovery USB so maybe this could work for the new Manjaro laptops..

I don't mean to shoot down your idea or anything, though! Your idea about keeping the /home folder sounds interesting if someone doesn't want to use a partition for it and adding extra packages to a normal installation sounds doable and useful!

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He means this.

But as 'recovery'? I won't go that far.
For bootloader recovery, this.
For OS recovery? I'd reinstall without formatting. Quite fast, I assure you, without formatting.


The idea of this optional partition would be to make it so I don’t have to rummage around for a usb stick every time I break my computer😂. It would also include abilities like reinstalling all packages, but most of what this recovery partition would need to do is already done by calamares so I suppose if we really want to create something like this, we need to modify calamares to our liking then create our own manjaro “recovery” spin.


There are times it would be a USB sticks have a definite mind of their own and like to wander away.

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I keep a few USB keys on a keychain hanging off my PC case. Manjaro live image includes timeshift clonezilla and grub, everything you need. Recovery and case bling in one fell swoop :sunglasses:


I use a recovery drive.

OS is imaged to a drive in a 4 bay SSD hot swap rack.

Bork your install, power down, swap drive, reboot.

Too easy.


Just imagine though if you could just select a option at startup instead of playing around with boot order and stuff

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F11 gives me a boot menu so I don't even need to do that. I also have a second distro installed that I can use for recovery if my manjaro installation becomes inaccessible for some reason.

You do realize the idea of a recovery partition is to have it completely hidden from your main OS AND it's bootloader, right? System that come with builtin recovery partitions normally take pressing a certain key during boot to bring up a special menu that gives you the option to start system recover or boot normally. If you are going to build your own recovery partition the only difference would be that it would have it's own bootloader independent of your main OS's bootloader. You would have to bring up you boot menu or switch to it in your bios to use it at all.

Do you have one and care to share it with us?

C'mon Goh, I've already proven that a hot swap rack trumps all these silly boot loaders and backup schemes. That's so 20th century. :smile:

Oh wait, did I say Trump. :rofl:

You are just as capable of searching how to build a recovery partition. I've never done it for Linux but I imagine it's not that much different than doing it for windows. Below I've included a link for building one for windows 10. Now in Manjaro I do have a secondary install on the backend of my OS drive that is only the Manjaro install and updating it from time to time, no added programs, no custom tweaks, just the Manjaro install and the updates from here. This way if My main OS is repairable I can simply shrink it down expand the backup partition and simply just use it.

Create Win 10 Recovery Partition

Okay, then 'no'.
I have something along what SlayerProof32 said about his 'recovery' grub entry in the 'optional' partition and in addition, has 10yearslate's 'few usb keys clonezilla, grub...' but on the 'recovery', rather 'optional'partition that they talked about. But I won't call this a 'recovery' but it has that 'independent bootloader' that you talked about which I use to boot all OS's as well.

Oh wait.. I have to talk to an old buddy. We haven't talked for a while.
He's afraid to 'offend' me and I'm afraid he's 'sensitive' to my 'offense'. :rofl: :joy:

Yeah, right. So you're stuck with moving those racks about just to select an OS to boot.
So I suppose you pound your own flour from wheat to bake your own bread. Luddite!!

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy master. :laughing:

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He's not my master, although I guess you could say he's my masters master.


Oh wait did you say anything peeps are actually paying attention to? :rofl:

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