If you want Windows with Linux base now you can

I found something interesting, a fully well done windows clone, however I don't expect for this distro to last long has most probably they have a lawsuit coming, enjoy.


As if.



What's the point? :man_shrugging:


For me and you none, however for someone that likes windows UI, it is very well done.

There was another project like this a few months ago that took Linux Lite and made it look like Windows. I agree this looks well done, but in the end Linux is not Windows. Windows users will see a familiar interface but the difference is going to become very clear within the first hour of use.

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Because the user won't be nagged constantly about updates, or running a virus checker? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, does it feature a fully functional Registry?

But you know that 'clones' are just skins to look like the real thing with lower grade components inside. It's just an Ubuntu Cinnamon with Windows theme... very weird, and really for anyone coming from Windows it's probably a bad idea to make it LOOK like Windows. The first thing users will do is probably install WINE and start messing with ACDSee installers etc.

Can you install .exe or .msi there? If not this is not for windows users.
I do not understand these clones, mac clone, windows clone, linux clone it just can look "like" but does not work like them. Confusing.

It's for people that are too set in their ways to learn anything new, but too cheap to pay for software.


It has to be confusing I can not imagine to use linux what looks like macOS I would expect same behavior just based on that look.
I was using linux primary for almost 4 years then I switched to OSX I was still opening terminal to solve some problems only to realize that is not a bug but feature and settings are somewhere else, after few weeks I got used to it and did not open terminal for months.
I can not imagine some Win user who installs "free" windows based on something free and try to install cracked photoshop or games... Average user will not get it. Just my two cents.

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Not really, this is still an Ubuntu clone. When the noobish Windows user gets his hands on it he’s gonna find out real quick that “Windows clones” are a hopeful wish.

Unless you count ReactOS

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It's basically pandering to the culture shock. For people who change even to something nicer, they kind of miss the good - or bad old days - hence the myriad 'how to make your panel look like Windows' along with icons and stuff. I just don't get it - I love my Materia cursor, I wouldn't change it for Windows for the world. Only some of the genuine benefits would really appeal, for many people their workflow demands they use Windows because software just won't work right on Linux, in Wine or with reduced capacity offered by Virtualbox if they don't have a more expensive PC.

Once you're accustomed to using something like ACDSee for your digital camera, it can be a hard transition to make, and putting this stupid skinned Ubuntu distro out isn't going to help with that in any way.

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China would love this. Every instance of the state-sponsored Kylin project is basically if China made Windows, with early Kylin instances basically ripping the graphics from Windows and pasting them into a GTK theme.

Mind, also — Kylin is made to look like Windows for a workforce that was primarily on Windows previously, and that's kind of been a thing since its inception as a project of PRC's NUDT.

It remembers me when on Christmas we had vegan cheese, and nobody figured it out.

Vegan cheese. I’m curious how does that work? I’ve heard of vegan burgers (and ate them for a while as part of a DR mandated diet) but never cheese

This was the trap:

And this the secret formula:

It tastes wow.

Interesting. I’ll keep it in mind and see if I can find a similar product where I live, in case my IBS flares up again.

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This project kind of sounds akin to going out for a date and finding a really nice looking woman your into and heading back for an intimate evening of getting to know one another at your place. Imagine the surprise when you start getting to know one another and discover things weren't quite what you were expecting.

Finding Ubuntu hidden under the sheets would probably be almost as distressing as discovering you were in bed with someone of a gender you weren't quite expecting.

The horror. :scream:


Ok, I can’t actually post the video here as it’s technically a violation of forum rules, but if you’re willing to search YouTube, look up, “Son, is that a trap?” by Bread Boys. It’s a video where a son has an insane father that thinks he is a crusader from the Middle Ages, and the father sees something like what you described. Needless to say I was laughing like crazy.

cc :slight_smile:


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