[Illyria] Manjaro XFCE v18.0-beta7 online now!

grub-quiet works great. I used manjaro-chroot from livedisc and reinstalled grub and updated. What are the mkinitcpio changes? I don't see it in the files.

Already posted here.

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Wow, first time I've ever had a completely silent boot.
Startup finished in 3.396s (kernel) + 1.787s (userspace) = 5.184s

Same as my ABook - the distributor logo.

There's no doubt that the ISO is intact as I can use it in a virtualbox vm. But I simply cannot boot from an usb stick (dd, etcher, rufus, no difference), so there must be some change compared to beta-6 which is causing this. In addition, I am really willing to provide any additional information concerning this issue.

Yes - silent boot happened. But that is only after installation.

The ISO itself boot to the normal Manjaro pre install selection screen.

September 29, 2018 4:26 PM

Just checked with an earlier ISO and the grub.cfg files are identical.

What causes your problem - I have no clue.

The only difference I can think of is - I used Mintstick from Manjaro repo - but it is highly unlikely the cause.

Makes no difference indeed. Tried another usb stick, no difference. I'm stuck here somehow.

@M0nst3r what steps did you exactly took to get a boot working?

So now I am really writing from the live session, sigh.....

The only thing which seems not be working on my machine is the start settings screen where you can change the keyboard layout, timezone and so on. When I am stuck at the blank screen I just type the arrow down key two times and hit enter...So here I am.
Maybe I should memorize all the keystrokes necessary to switch to german keyboard layout...:wink:

So why cant I see this settings screen?

Don't know. What happens with legacy bios boot? Tested on other hardware?

Unfortunately nothing other than the ThinkPad available.

Bingo, I can the see those settings when I change from UEFI to legacy. May this be a hardware issue?

First time I had to change the setting from UEFI to legacy btw.

Minor theme issue (did a quick search for this in other beta threads but didn't find it).

When you switch the theme to any of the dark variants, Manjaro Settings Manager stays white (still white after logging out and logging back in). Tested with Adapta-Nokto-Eta-Maia, Adapta-Nokto-Maia, and Adwaita-dark


MSM is a QT app I believe. Did you changed the theme also in "qt5ct" I believe it is? I don't use XFCE right now, but I thinks it's named like that the app that manages QT settings.

You don't have to do it with prior versions:
(Taken from Live 17.1.12, no changes other than theme)


I think you had to manually set that in older releases of Manjaro, but setting QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct (or it's equivalent) became the default so users didn't have to do that manually. It'd be nice if that remained the case for the new version (if possible).

Oh, I didn't knew that. I haven't used XFCE in a while, but yeah, in the past you had to set it up by manually each time, therefore by answer.

It may be some small bug, or maybe has to do with the change to GTK3? I'm sure the guys will look into it and solve it.

Just curious, how many betas will there be ? After that, is there an RC version before full release ?

Enjoy the introduction of Kvantum.

More precisely, by default on this XFCE beta, QT apps will use a Kvantum theme. This is something that has been introduced for a while on Community flavours.

You have two choices:

  • Open Qt5 Settings (qt5ct) and change "Style" from kvantum to gtk2.
  • Open Kvantum Manager and have fun configuring your Kvantum theme.

Yes, I'm aware of what Kvantum is. My question is: why would Qt be themed separately from the rest of the applications by default? If a user wants to configure it that way, cool, they can do that. But why by default? Won't this just cause confusion, especially since they didn't have to manually set this in previous versions of Manjaro?

When a person (especially one not very knowledgeable of the different GUI frameworks) sets a theme, they expect the theme to be honored by everything. I assume that was the point of configuring it as such in the current stable version of Manjaro. Why make it more complicated by default?

I only say this as a matter of intuitiveness for new users. Anyone new to Linux would probably just assume that since it didn't change, it's a bug or some weird compatibility issue, or a limitation of Manjaro (since they probably won't know what a desktop is either).

I don't think I'm suggesting much...just have the Qt5 Configuration Tool set to use gtk2 by default on Xfce so that changing the theme changes it for everything by default (no matter what theme the user chooses).

I don't think this is a big issue. Just my 2 cents. Take it as you will.

I have downloaded and installed xfce Beta 7.
It works well except for two things

  1. Memory usage is quite high when compared to xfce 17.1 series
  2. Unable to get rid of firefox titlebar.
    Other than this all is fine as for as my requirements.

It depends if we still have to change some stuff. The beta phase of v18.0 series is unusually long this time.

I have to double-check those changes. As I didn't change the theme, I might have not noticed it.

Ok philm, like I mention, is there a Release Candidate before final release as in Mint ?

Btw stupid question, how do you quote someone in a new message ? May be I am dumb but I don't see anything.

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