I'm having issues booting the image from a USB

I used edger to flash the USB thumb drive and now I'm getting this issue where I cannot get past end trace what do I need to do

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If you are on Windows - please use Rufus and make sure to select DD mode

You mean Etcher ?
What ISO have you downloaded, did you check it before creating the USB installer, did you look around if your model needs a special kernel boot parameter, did you used free or nonfree drivers ?

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yes I meant etcher I tried it with free and non free drivers I used the stable kde ISO image I've never had this issue before.

So, you used the manjaro-kde-18.0.4-stable-x86_64.iso before with no issues?

yes I don't know what's happening

Try an older version of Etcher, or as suggested

If you are on Linux, use the Suse Studio Image Writer aka imagewriter.


that comes to the whole point of why I was trying to reinstall the operating system I'm dual booting windows and manjro it got corrupted for some reason so I'm trying to reinstall because of it

If you can get to grub (menu or prompt), you might be able to fix it.
Check this


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