I'm so tired of gnome... help me switch to openbox

Hi everyone... As the title suggest, I want to switch to openbox... I have a lots of file on my computer (mainly pictures that i take) and I don't want to reinstall the complete OS... is there a simple way to do this, or am I doomed to live with (not that pretty nor snappy) gnome for the rest of my life ?

Cheers KLM

The instructions are here:

I haven't tested those personally so I am not sure how close that gets you to the actual openbox edition.

Also, make sure you read all the warnings and information at the top.






ah thanks, I made a backup of all my pictures thnak you, it's just that I'm a bit lazy... I tried the instructions you linked, and, as far as I am concerned, (for openbox at least) they are not working :S... for the second comand line

  • "sudo pacman -S oblogout obconf lxappearance-obconf-gtk3 obmenu openbox-themes-extra", when i try it, it says to me : "erreur : impossible de trouver la cible : obmenu" (wich translate to impossible to find the target : obmenu"...

Unfortunately, obmenu is an AUR package and pacman can't find it.

4 aur/obmenu 1.0-12 (+1 0.42%) 
    Openbox menu editor.
3 aur/obmenu3 1.04-1 (+10 0.00%) 
    Openbox menu editor - replacement of obmenu
2 aur/obmenu-generator 0.85-1 (+112 0.44%) 
    A fast pipe/static menu generator for the Openbox Window Manager (with icons support).
1 community/obmenu-generator 0.84-1 (13.5 KiB 53.0 KiB) 
    A fast pipe/static menu generator for the Openbox Window Manager (with icons support).

@dalto Maybe a wiki update?

Try kickshaw instead.

Also check this snippet on gitlab

You may also find this helpful in your migration

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