In Progress of Lumina Edition

Hello, Manjaro community, over the past maybe 3 months I have been working on Ubuntu Lumina Remix, and I am now working on the sister project for Manjaro. Manjaro is one of my favorite operating systems and so I thought I'd bring my favorite desktop and share it. Depending on the situation of Ubuntu Lumina, it will either release along-side or well before.

I am excited to see what happens, and I will freely accept to answer questions as I have the time! <3


Sounds very interesting! I would be interested in seeing the zfs time slider in lumina file manager. Do you have long term plans for this?


Long-Term Plan: Support it, create tools for the community to support it when I can't personally, work with the Lumina DE team to minimize dependencies, create a package to install Lumina on Manjaro.

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Here there is the old Lumina settings for Manjaro

Do you already have idea where to host the pacakges?

Not 100% yet, as the development isn't on rollin just yet. Also thanks for the old settings, they might come in use!


Hit an issue with the tools, will look into it. Looks probable that Manjaro Lumina will be delayed for a while. Also ISO's will be a little un-updated sometimes, because life is busy.

Which issue?

Another forum member made a Lumina ISO

I'm moving this topic to unofficial spins section

Looking forward to it anyway!

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