in VirtualBox[Win10] strange Display Error of Excel

as I'm probably getting forced to use Excel again I am trying to get the whole thing working now within Win10 inside a Virtualbox. I already tried 32- and 64bit Version of the Office365 package. Nor does the Save-Mode make a difference. It is always the same "display-bug". If you look at the screenshot ever pop-up menu is display correctly (if you find the place where to click) but the actual spreadsheet and it's canvas is more or less grey-ish.

Ahh the other Office Parts e.g. Word, Powerpoint etc. do the same. Also Strange black-greyish canvas.

Did anybody see that already and could help me with some information?

The setting in my Display Options, don't chance it either.

2019-12-28_13-59 2019-12-28_13-59_1 2019-12-28_13-59_2 2019-12-28_13-59_3

Disable 3D in the vm properties


Damn, that was an easy could i NOT have seen that.... lol ans Sorry.....But THANKS a LOT

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