Include noto-fonts-emoji


Seeing as the emoji picker is built into Manjaro KDE. It feels kinda weird not to have the actual emoji font to properly support that feature. So I was wondering if maybe it should be included.
(or atleast make an option in the emoji picker to download them or something. Because the average user won't know why "his emoji's are broken" without googling it)


noto-fonts-emoji is available from the repository. I don't know whether it's installed by default or not these days, but I for one have it installed here on my system. In order to install it if you don't have it already... :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -S noto-fonts-emoji

In addition to that, noto-fonts-emoji-git is available from the AUR. To install it ─ assuming that you have yay installed as an AUR helper... :arrow_down:

yay -S noto-fonts-emoji-git

It already is included:

@Aragorn sorry, should have mentioned that i'm already aware of both packages

@Yochanan recent change? Because it wasn't included for me and I installed Manjaro in May or something

Did you install the minimal or the full edition? This is only preinstalled for full editions.

Also, it's been in the full edition for years.

Pretty sure I installed the full version. But oh well. Maybe I didn't properly check the when installing the package and was it already installed and I just reinstalled it.

Seeing as it's indeed included in the officially build files, I guess it's fine

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