Including FreeOffice is a bad idea (Was: Manjaro Roadmap)

We are too. Actually they approached us. It was an easy decision to partner up with them.


This appears to be proprietary closed-source software.

I don't think this is a good look for Manjaro.

Including a wrapper for MS Office Online alongside LibreOffice/Calligra is one thing, but replacing FOSS with closed-source software is... not great.

Also, unless there has actually been some discussion with other team members, please use "I" instead of "we" when referring to decisions you've made. :wink:



You have possiblity to add onlyoffice on community is more better than free office is limited need to paid for more option just for edit odt is not free :frowning:
And OnlyOffice is open source.

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We don't have any contracts with OnlyOffice, so it might be harder to get it integrated. With FreeOffice we have successfully established a relationship and work directly with the developers. Also Softmaker is nearer to our office, as it is in the same country state.


Thanks for this information but would be good to add possibility to install without aur.
Just that is good have pkg build if you need.

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In case anyone was wondering what functionality is (or is not) in FreeOffice.


i like how everything is available in the free version... :wink: i understood the decision for snapd, but i can not understand this decision.

this. and it is not just the replacement of FOSS with closed-source. it is replaced with something that has close to zero of the features the paid version has - because of partnering up. sounds more like a financial decision to me. i'd understand that, but then it should be communicated.


PS I too am concerned about the growing inclusion of proprietary software ie snap and that office stuff....
I can understand Phil needing to earn a living but nobody needs to get as rich as Mark Shuttleworth :money_mouth_face:


Really, what the hell is actually happening? Why is more and more proprietary software being shipped by default? This is now starting to raise some serious concerns


FreeOffice instead of LibreOffice? You've lost an user. Good night and good luck.

PS: you can only open opendocuments and old office files format and not save them in free version? Only read and save in openofficeXML format? Really?

If I want to read and write only in openOfficeXML formats, there is a software called... MicrosoftOffice!

Thanks @korealinux for the link!


Yeah, can’t you tell he’s trying single handedly to ruin the distro.

Just spin your own Manjaro, i do. It’s super easy to do. Then you don’t have to be on the ■■■■■■ end of the stick.


Hi all!

To me the inclusion of more proprietary software into manjaro seems like an attempt to find more sponsors, and also an attempt to satisfy a part of users who may need this stuff.

My personal opinion however is that, a linux distro should keep proprietary software to the absolutely necessary minimum (e.g drivers for specific hardware). Otherwise I have to proceed to one more step right after installation. Uninstall it :slight_smile:

For the moment I don't feel Manjaro is turning into Ubuntu (Ubuntu is very bloated and somehow "forces" you to use their own proprietary software). And also partnerships are not always a bad thing, so we wait and see.

As long as FreeOffice concerns, it really looks inferior to LibreOffice. Compatibility with MS Office may be better, I don't know. But so far (and I'm talking from personal experience) I haven't find a MS document that LibreOffice can't read. That of course doesn't mean there are not such documents... All I say is that LibreOffice serves me just fine.

Thank you for your effort Manjaro team


My thorough testing resulted in FreeOffice's failure to handle a very heavy and formula-overpopulated xlsm document. OnlyOffice has no problems with it. So, I'm not that happy now as I was before.


Updated successfully but I do not like the idea of adding FreeOffice, it's a very bad idea.


I worked in a Manjaro respin french speaking team. We are going to stop because we are short on time. Forking and respinning is not always the answer. My laptop was running Manjaro. I think I'll make it run Archlinux within a week or two.


well it will be better if we keep current manjaro-tools local branch.
I am not too sure we can use manjaro-tools to build iso as we want after some time when
manjaro-tools also changes.
but it's all speculation :thinking:

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Frankly speaking, LibreOffice also failed to load that file correctly, it tried to open it for a while (as always when it comes to LibreOffice - you know what I mean) and then said something like "rows or columns limit is exceeded, macros are enabled, etc". FreeOffice had sworn with "circular links" messages then just segfaulted when switching the tab. Only (ha-ha) OnlyOffice had no issues (to say I was impressed means nothing, I was flabbergasted at least) with that file. Even MS own online Excel service failed to open it.
Unfortunately I cannot share that file due to NDA but if anyone has ever opened large corporate files like Financial Reports or something I'm sure you'd understand what kind of files I am talking about.

But anyway I'd like to say some words in defence of FreeOffice. It weighs (sorry for this Russian expression), I mean, it's size is considerably smaller than LibreOffice's one. It opens files way faster. It handles MS formats way better. Yeah, it's closed-source and stuff. But I can understand why it can be considered as a part of the default Manjaro iso-files.


snap is NOT proprietary software

If something is closed source/proprietary it should never ever be offered as part of some software that claims to be FOSS Manjaro still FOSS? :thinking:

yeah but it's owned by canonical isn't it?
just another example of the corporates taking over the world....we all must be assimilated somehow :crazy_face:

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