Including FreeOffice is a bad idea (Was: Manjaro Roadmap)

Agreed with all the Free Office inclusion.
This is not a partnership made for users as you are replacing something that's free and that works with something that users will have to pay for just to have the exact same level of functionality.
I do not agree with this.
If Manjaro needs more money to run, be clear about it, say how much you need and the community will come together to find that. But stay the f. away from one sided deals that don it benefit the end-user.
As for the off-topic, you specifically ask for feedback on the update, the one that brings (not)FreeOffice on the table. I'm sorry that the feedback is not going your way, but you know, maybe include the community in advance in those kind of changes?


That subforum is blackhole and the thread will serve no other purpose than to sidetrack and seclude steam.

"Want to complain? Manjaro totally cares about your opinion! Write it on this piece of paper and drop it in the suggestions box."

Just another way of saying ■■■■ off that way, then make a right and ■■■■ off again.

Perhaps that is the way it must be. Independent minds may sometimes think alike, or not.

Questionable history indeed.

I have re-opened this topic so people have an opportunity to continue to discuss this further.

Additionally, the conversation from the testing update has been merged here so the posts may appear a bit out of order.


This is encouraging to hear. The sky may not actually be falling :smile:.

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Basically purging the only worthwhile, in-depth discussion; effectively banishing dissidents.

Well, users GAVE FEEDBACK, let iron-fist dictator @philm know WHAT WE THOUGHT about THIS update and were... dismissed? Real cheeky of you, @dalto.

EDIT Very funny.

EDIT 2 There's something serenely rewarding about silent, zoilus tools reducing themselves to emoji "reactions".

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It isn't dismissive. It just forum topic organization which happens in many update threads. philm is posting in this thread as well. It isn't like he only reads the update threads.

More importantly, information that things are failing in test was getting lost. As mission critical as the decision of which office suite should come pre-installed on the ISO is, it is also important to understand what is and isn't working in test.


Questionable management, involvement of proprietary software, negligible upstream contributions, distro commercialization, irreproducible builds dependent on reproducible, upstream software; all mission critical, very harmful to Manjaro, sarcasm be damned.

Not lost, ignored. testing issues weren't spontaneously vanishing.

Morale isn't working. Everything coexisted under the umbrella of "feedback" just fine. Now users "new" to that particular thread won't know what was truly said.

EDIT and why the ■■■■ am I not allowed to receive "likes"? Hmm?
EDIT2 Something ■■■■■ is going on. Like button has become inaccessible twice now.


You kind of repeat yourself over and over..
I think we got your point of view

Apparently you are allowed to receive likes, as I just gave you one as a test.

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Yes, but it's better to consolidate all the information and feedback into one thread instead of all talking only about a single topic in a thread regarding an update.

Now people can find what everyone's opinions are easier, because majority of people don't check the testing or unstable thread. And people can find this thread via search engines as well once it gets indexed.


Who's "we"? Responded to different users, individually. I acknowledge people as independent thinkers, not part of a collective hive mind.

Transparency is very important people. In the future, anyone who stumbles upon that thread will think the community was "A-OK" with all of this. It's alright if comments get burried when the flow of discourse was after all, organic; painting a very clear picture. Now it's a lie, castrated under the guise of consolidation.

Very frustrated.

And do so either on a monthly or yearly basis. I know I'm free to install and uninstall at my leisure, but this feels like the wrong choice to present to new users. For everyone else, we either already have an installed system, or can use Architect to get a precise and/or minimal install.

Fpakman seems like a better solution to snaps and flatpak than including Gnome Software and Discover respectively.

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The "like" feature appears broken from my end. Missing in every recent comment of mines. :man_shrugging:

To be honest, I use FreeOffice, because is more compatible with Ms Document. :wink:
I hope FreeOffice can give special additional feature for Linux, such as open and edit Odt file, etc.
I know, LibreOffice is so powerful, and have a lot of feature, but LO have problem with compatibility.
So, I use both. :innocent:

freeoffice CAN open and edit odt files. ...if you pay to upgrade it to softmaker office. that's part of what people are complaining about here.


A checkbox during installation offering the sponsor's crap office suite would be enough.

It's not only Canonical taking sh*t decisions these days.


Excellent compromise.

Not that there should be one, but if money has already exchanged hands, then yeah.

Guys, I heard the Jupiter Broadcasting interview live.

At the start of the interview he says no money exchange had taken place as of yet but alludes that it could happen in the future (perhaps after users start upgarding to the paid versions). I mean why else would Softmaker approach them if there isnt't any financial gain ?

The lead dev doubles down on FreeOffice & in the end he admits that the reaction was negative and wants Manjaro to be more than just a side hobby project but something of a full time job a.k.a more monetary gain (nothing wrong with that).

He could gone for a fund raiser than just ignore the community and partner with Softmaker IMHO.

I have jumped shipped already. Even Ubuntu listens to it's community once in a while; the Steam case in recent memory.


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