Incomplete translation in Manjaro KDE

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I use Manjaro in Italian, and all the applications are translated correctly. However, I've noticed that the options in KDE Launcher > Exit (Suspend, Reboot, Shutdown, etc.) appear in Italian in the launcher but are in English in the dark window that opens up after you click on them:



Does this happen in other non-English languages as well? How can this be fixed? Can one manually edit the translations?

I have the same problem in the German localization. Obviously the developers don't care about that anymore, because I can't imagine that something like that is not noticed.

I asked because I seem to remember than in Kubuntu everything was in Italian. But these translation should be Plasma's, right? They shouldn't depend on the distro. Unless the Manjaro guys have made some tweaks. I have no idea, just guessing.

Yes, in Kubuntu and other distris with KDE the translation is correct, which makes it unlikely that the problem is in plasma. I'm guessing rather a problem with the implementation in Manjaro. For me, this reduces the good overall impression of Manjaro KDE.

Yes, it's a minor thing but kind of annoying... but there should be a way to report this. Maybe it's really something that went unnoticed.

It's not important, because everyone knows what it means, but either I have a localization, or I don't have one ...

Because these are generated by your look-and-feel or desktop themes .. I wonder ... is it an issue present on all of them ? (breeze, for example?)

Edit - @anon45200987 @MattG looks like its a theme issue, cuz it works fine here


Ok, but the theme where this error occurs is the Breath provided by Manjaro. So it should also be tested by the Devs, right?

... I guess ?
Themes are release or spin specific ... the one I show above is default on ARM-KDE for example.
Breath has not been updated in a while and there has been talk about replacing it on the main KDE version. In fact I create the theme you see above that might replace it (matchama)

So, was this about reporting a bug and fixing it - or just showing off a bad attitude?

This is the thread of @MattG here, but if there is the possibility to report the error here, then I will do that here. Does this mean that Matchama will replace Breath in the long run?


I think it is more a feature then a bug if they rename shutdown to 'poweroff'.
Then you know what to write in TTY3.

systemctl poweroff
systemctl reboot
systemctl logout???


@SGS, Dein Sarkasmus am Morgen ist sehr erfrischend :wink:

Your sarcasm in the morning is very refreshing :wink:

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Shutdown <-> poweroff
Sometimes you I don't have the IQ to understand the logic behind it.

Don't change to other language, some mod will closed then this thread.

Ok, you translated it.

Frei nach Bastian Pastewka:
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Freely based on Bastian Pastewka:
Buy Wool Avatar? :wink: [translation fail in deepl and g00gle]

Translations are complete in Breeze. So it's an issue with Breath. I still think that, since Breath is the default global theme in Manjaro KDE, it would be very good to fix this. Thanks for helping me find out.

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