Increasing size of menubar/icons/font permanently

See how this goes. Right click desktop/desktop settings/icons.
Have a look in there.


ive managed the desktop icons
the picture you seee
I need to increase the size of the start menu bar at the bottom and also the size of display and font/things in the browser

I dont know if you just want to increase the size or if you specifically have a high resolution/HiDPI screen...

whats wrong with a di res screen?

The start bar = panel.
Right click the panel then panel/panel preferences. Measurements/row size.

For the browser you can adjust that in the browser settings. Edit/preferences.

the size of the contents in the browser can be increased by just zooming
but thats not permanent
and in preferrences theres only options for increasing size of the font
not the top task bar...


AGAIN. You are asking different questions.
DO you have a HiDPI screen?

Heck... just give us the output of inxi -Fxz.

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Im sticking to my question
ive managed the size of the start bar...
now im trying to increase size of things in browser
which i can by zooming from menu(which is not permanent) returns to default when i open a new tab
And i also need to increase size of the topmost task bar in the browser....
so i sent a screen of whats in settings preferences
about the hidpi screen i need to checkScreenshot_2018-11-24_15-30-18


And then you should read the link I posted:

...specifically FF you use about:config and change layout.css.devPixelsPerPx value to something like 1.5 [150%] or 2.0 [200%]
(but it has all the info for your DE and applications, etc, for your HiDPI screen)

No big deal, but in the future just copy/paste outputs and use the </> code button so it is more readable and searchable for other users. :slight_smile:

ok by


you mean from the terminal rigt?
this is what I get

In firefox location bar (where you put type
and hit enter.
Then search for the string and change the value.
Changes should take effect immediately.

I'm sorry, I did not realize you were not familiar with about:config. It is quite ubiquitous to tips-n-tricks on firefox and one of the original reasons I fell in love with it all those many years ago. Once you have this HiDPI thing sorted out take some time looking through the archwiki and other sources to find all the things you can do in about:config from disabling pocket or geolocation to enabling security features or tweaking the interface.

[dont go too crazy though :wink: with great power comes great responsibility and all that ..]

Please post the input/outputs of all requested commands via the terminal as text, (not as pics).

Information on how to properly post hardware specs and logs on the forum:

uninstalled manjaro for the time being
thanks anyways

I doubt that will fix your HiDPI scenario .. unless you opt for an entirely different desktop .. maybe Gnome.. that might do this slightly better out of the box. But thats not distro-specific.

awesome !!!
as a manjaro user which one do you prefer
xfce kde or gnome?

KDE is the one I go for generally. (old me just screamed ... but it really is nice and you can slim it alot)
Just keep in mind that the 'scale' option in KDE is a bit buggy .. so I opt for using font DPI settings instead and then throw an option for 1.3 in firefox .. and thats about it.

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