Initial ZFS 0.8.0 packages

I've pushed some initial packages for ZFS 0.8.0 and kernel 5.1 (only) to unstable

These are initial -0 packages for testing by early-adopter/brave users.

I have specifically pushed extramodules for only kernel 5.1 as there are no current 0.7.13 packages so there should be no risk of unintentional breakage - only people who specifically install ZFS for kernel 5.1 will be affected (and hopefully they will look at the -0 and wonder what that's all about).

SPL and ZFS sources were merged upstream so I've updated the PKGBUILD files in a way that seemed most obvious but watch out for any files that were in e.g. spl-utils which aren't in zfs-utils (though there shouldn't be any).

Please make a backup and test.

Also make note of the new pool checkpoints feature:

This may be very useful before running zpool upgrade.

ZFS 0.8.0?

  • Working fine for me
  • I found an issue

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Known issues

Replace linux*-spl with extra/linux*-zfs?

Replace spl-utils with extra/zfs-utils?

Yes. The SPL source was merged into the ZFS source so there's only a "zfs" package now.

I get conflicts with earlier kernel packages

Make sure your mirrors are up-to-date, then report any issues.

### There's no update for linux420
Kernel 4.20 is EOL and you should switch to a maintained kernel.

old items

I get conflicts with earlier kernel packages

Yes. This is kind of on purpose so you can't mistakenly/unknowingly break a working setup. You have to make the conscious decision to remove 0.7.13 from earlier kernels in order to install 0.8.0 for kernel 5.1.

Otherwise, you can force an install with e.g.:

sudo pacman -Rdd spl-linux
sudo pacman -Sdd linux51 linux51-zfs zfs-utils

and make sure to include any other extramodules you currently need (e.g. -nvidia).

Be warned - this could potentially break your ZFS setup.

Initial test for a system without ZFS pools looks good.

  • Module installs and loads
  • System boots with kernel 5.1
  • zpool create testpool /tmp/1gbimage works
  • zfs set mountpoint=/mnt testpool works
  • Copying data to and from the test pool works

I'll test on a machine with real ZFS pools shortly.

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OK, testing on hardware with kernel 5.1 also looks good. Zpool imports correctly on boot and everything appears to work.

I'm now building and uploading extramodules for all other current kernels.


linux*-zfs extramodules are now available for all current kernels.

linux420 will "break".

I'll update linux420 so that series works too. However we will drop that series soon.

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