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Hello. I am using Inkscape and there unlike in Windows there is no way to lock the height/width of an object when resizing it via the tool control bar. Is Inkscape just different on Manjaro or should I download it from the official site and not from the app center?


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If you refer to the repository, then
sudo pacman -Syu inkscape
will install it from there.

If you refer to snap or flatpak, then i don't know as i don't use them, but there should be no difference and should work as intended.

By the way, holding Ctrl while dragging the size of an object, should "lock" the ratio.



Thank you for your response. I am am referring to the tool control bar (it may not actually be called that) where I can enter precise measurements.

So I should not have to reinstall it (I installed it from the default app installer program on Manjaro KDE. I do not know that actual name).

If you've installed it from Add/Remove Software (pamac) or a pacman command then there is no need to install it from an "official site"

There should be a padlock icon between the W(idth) and H(eight) toolbar controls.
If it's missing then it could be a theming issue.

Yes, that is the name. Thank you.

I will try changing themes then. I changed the theme once already because the icons were too light to see.

I just realised that the padlock is not visible when using the circle tool but it is when using the default tool that looks like a mouse clicker (sorry for my useless post, you can delete it if you wish).


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