Instalation stopped at 10%

Today I tried to install Manjaro, I choosed to set up partitions manually, and after clicking install, instalator stopped at 10%. Well, it does something, but can't go any step further. It stopped at "Changing /dev/sda3 partition size from 790016MB to 728576MB." step. I could dl this from gparted, but to do that i need to close installation. Can I close installation at this point? Will something happen to this partition? I have a backup of all partitions on server, but I'm asking, beacuse to recover I have to do booteable pendrive with clonezilla, recover partitions and then do manjaro booteable pendrive again. And it would take long time to do so.

You are doing a Windows dual-boot?

There is steps which are cruicial to a succesful dual-boot installation.

It's not what I asked for

You asked in #newbies if you could kill the process. That implies you know next to nothing about Linux.

  1. your issue could be disk errors
  2. your disk could be locked by windows fastboot or hibernation

In any case you have to kill the process but you need to fix the underlying issue and since you are resizing a partition the logical conclusion is you are attempting to install a dual-boot with Windows.

That leads to the referenced post where all prerequisites to a successful dual-boot installation is listed.

Yes, dual boot, but I had it already. I had Ubuntu and W10, but now I'm installing Manjaro in place of Ubuntu. I don't have fast boot. The partition of which size is changing is not the system partition. And I don't have GPT, I have MBR (but bios is UEFI).

MBR and UEFI is usually not a good combination.

You can use GParted to create the layout and then choose to mount the partitions manually.

Didn't thought about that. Works

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