Install / Boot Windows With Manjaro

Thanks. However, my machine is not compatible with windows 10. ASRock dual CPU motherboard is probably the worse as far as compatibility with windows 10 concerns.

Actually most people that run Win 10 know it can be installed either way.

Okay, you clever. Not with some many of the comments on this forum (and elsewhere).
Oh, you new. You do not see those comments. But clever. Not like OP here. Good. :crazy_face:

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BTW, I also have KDE and a few others running in that old laptop.
BTW, I don't use Arch. [real boasting]

If I create a bootable windows 7 flash drive and boot from it, would it be possible to refresh the old install without affecting Manjaro install?

I don't know. I'm not a windows regular user.
Maybe AgentX can help?

I think it is just a bot trying to skew the topic.

But seriously, I don't know if you can 'refresh' your windows.
You have converted that windows from msdos to gpt and that is something I don't know how that affects windows. I had to reinstall windows (like totally) before, long ago when windows bust or crawling along.
But I don't really know if you can 'refresh' it in your situation.

But I can say that your manjaro and your windows better be in the same mode.
That is, all OS's in the system be gpt/uefi or all OS's in msdos/bios-legacy.


No one is boasting and you know it. Just corrected your info. Now Please let's not make up stuff as we go and just stay on topic. Thanks

That's what I did and in a perfect world everything should have worked but it did not and here we are.

I don't want to mess up my Manjaro setup and I think if I tried to install windows it will just wipe to bootloader.

Humor is not your strong suite.

Now even with your unwarranted comment as stated earlier since you converted Win 7 to GPT without converting your drive to GPT I do not believe you will be able to boot into it, but like I said earlier it was a good while ago when I did it for a friend and had it working. Now my suggestion is to head over to Sevenforums and create a topic there, maybe one or more members there can help recover the Win 7 install.

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My bad ...

Sorry, I thought this

was your first input.

Thanks for the suggestion, I think I head over to see if anyone can help.

The two OS's are on separate drives, right? If push comes to shove simple disconnect the data cable for the Manjaro drive till after Win 7 is reinstalled. Once you've landed on the 7 desktop let it update, shut down, reconnect the Manjaro drive, boot into it and run the commands @bogdancovaciu gave you.

No it was not my first post in the thread.

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Alright. Now...keep a record of the following output at Manjaro terminal.

efibootmgr -v
sudo parted -l
sudo blkid
cat /etc/fstab

parted -l (small 'L', not 'one') all disks.
And error message of any above. If error, continue to next command.

Then... fix your Windows.
And when you are ready to fix manjaro and you have problems, ping me with the output of above.
If you have to redo or reformat your (manjaro) disk, you will need to reinstall manjaro again. There is no way you cannot 'mess up' the manjaro you have now.

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Yes that's correct, each one is installed on a different SSD.

Then each OS should have their own bootloader on their respective drives. Unplugging the Manjaro data cable will keep Windows from harming the Manjaro bootloader if you should have to reinstall Windows. I know cause my roommates machine is setup with Win 10 and Manjaro on separate drives and the bootloader for each OS is on their respective drive.


One more piece of advice, if you should need to reinstall 7 I suggest you use the Manjaro live key and from there open KDE Partition Manager, select the Windows drive, unmount it's partition(s) if mounted, rightclick and delete the partition(S), click devise at the top and the select create new partition table, select gpt, then apply.

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I run that commands and no error was reported. I saved the output of each command to a text file.

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Sounds like a plant. I think I will give it a try after creating a bootable windows 7 flash drive.

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This is very true

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