install deepin desktop on manjaro

How to install deepin desktop on manjaro xfce?

seriously don't do this.


Thank you so we must wait for the resolution of deepin problems.

From the way it all sounds, I would suggest that unless you're on the Deepin development team, it would be better to just forget it for about six months to a year. They're clearly going through "one of those times" when problems are out of control and they need more time than they're admitting.


Six months to a year, my ass on a hat-box. Maximum, two months. Deepin 20 is being released late this month, give it another month for the Deepin-Jaro people (Mueller et al.) to make the square peg fit the round hole.

The primary issue here is that Deepin v20 is so radically different from D15 (the current version) that trying to fix D15 would put D20 off by several months to a year, and frankly that would be exceedingly poor development practice. Beyond that, the secondary problem is that as Mueller said, D15 and D20 parts aren't guaranteed to "mesh" properly, so it's best to wait until D20 is properly out before work starts.

That said, you can install it the same way you'd install any other desktop environment or application: open Pamac, search for "deepin", then install everything you see (there should be a "deepin-main" package, along with all the other deepin apps).

I am running Deepin Manjaro on my machine and it is mostly stable. A bit of screen tearing, but that's entirely tolerable.

This is still Deepin 15. I'm sure that Manjaro won't release DDE 20 until it is good and ready from their perspective.


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