Install E-id reader ... not working AGAIN!

What type of installation files do i have to use if i want to install a hardware driver for example.
I want to install my e-id reader (reads belgian pasport) , but don't know what to install.

For linux , they have ubuntu , linux mint , fedora , redhat and opensuse drivers

I use manjaro kde wich is archlinux if i'm correct ,but that's not on the list

Point me to the driver download page and we might find a solution for you.

It is the eid-mw package in AUR?

It need GPG keys to be built and installed

It was indeed the eid-mw ... scary that you figured it out :wink:

installation went fine with the key , but manjaro can't find the card reader :frowning:

installing aur packets only works with typing yaourt eid-mw (for example) , because in pacman or octopy the database is not found.
Searched for 1 hour now ,but still can't get aur to work in octopi or pacman , pamac etc ...

I remembered was already posted something about Belgian eID

If still remember well there is a systemd service to enable

In pacman is not possible

In pamac or octopi it can be enabled, for example >menu>preferences>AUR

There is a nice guide for it on how to get the Reader ready.

The reader is working , thanks for all the help !

About pamac , octtopi ... i can see the repo's (packages) , but when i want to install it can't find the database .

Just tested it because i wanted to give the text of the warning here , but after installing the eid-mw it seems that i can install trough AUR :wink:
Weird , but also fixed this way :wink:

Our User Guide includes all infos to start with Manjaro. It is part of the installation. You also find it in your ~/Manjaro folder. Enabling AUR is possible but not recommended in our graphical package managers.

Just restarted my pc and now eid reader is not found.

Have to start all over again ?

I'm getting it on my nerves because in kde it seems it all have to be done in a difficult way ,or can not be done.
Even placing a simple power-off button on my desktop was made difficult , and with some other things i can't get done ... i'm going for the xfce version or back to linux mint , but not decided yet.
And the fact i hate "widgets" is not helping here :wink:

Maybe you ran

systemctl start ...

but not

systemctl enable ...

? You need to run systemctl enable ... once in order to run the systemd service automatically at each boot.

Searched a bit more and now after i did some other command the eid reader is working on boot ... me happy :wink:

I had a problem with numlock ,but that should be fixed also ,but i restart later.

Had to set my desktop to "folder view" and now it is like i wanted, so , i stay on Manjaro kde for a long time now ,because now i'm confident that all will work if i search the internet and ask here :wink:

Many thanks for the help everyone !

Had to do the following after i've restarted my computer ... it seems not to work well here !

nstall packages pcsclite, ccid and opensc.

$ sudo pacman -S pcsclite ccid opensc

$ sudo systemctl enable pcscd
$ sudo systemctl start pcscd

Next time i try only the last 2 commands , but it seems something is not right.
Can it be because i let my reader and passport in my computer ... i was forgotten to disconnect him ?

You can check what is going on with

systemctl status pcscd

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