Install from Archlinux into ZFS Dataset

i like to try Manjaro ... ATM i have no device which i like to "loose".
So i like to to create a new ZFS Dataset and boot into it (if possible) ala dualboot.

Therefore i would like

  • to have a pacman.conf with mirrors/server, which i would like to use by pacstrap.
  • to keep systemd-boot (should no problem)
  • to have a new/custom path for (which i could config under: /etc/mkinitcpio.d/linux.preset)
    • initramfs
    • vmlinux

somebody like to help? with this a install way by pacstrap / a pacman.conf with mirrors?

( i missing a little bit the infof of the packages in the like link to git/PKGBUILD and which "Package Contents" - see

Why not just use manjaro-architect to install into an existing zpool? You can just boot off the ISO and it can load your zpool.

to easy ... (open HDDs with cryptsetup and so on before - but yes i will try it xD)

(sorry i forget always that architect exists - it has such a strange menu for me - missing easy pacstrap )

You can do it that way if it is your preference.

I think you will find most of what you need in here:

Who is the name of the package which contains basestrap ?


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