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I have a HP Pavilon dv7 notebook. I installed Mint 20 and than added ubuntu 18.04 as a duel boot system. This worked fine but I loaded Manjaro XFCE on a second laptop and liked it better than the others. I want to replace the 2 current linux platforms. When I try and boot from the memory stick to do the install it just goes to a black screen and GRUB in the upper left corner. I have read that the Manjaro boot loader will load other OS but only the Manjaro boot loader will load Manjaro. Any help would be great

So Manjaro wont boot from the live usb? Did you check the download for errors?

Yes I have checked and it is good this is the same usb I used to install on the other laptop without and problem.

Is secure boot deactivated?

I am very new so where would I go to check for this?

Into the UEFI/bios of the device directly after starting. generally the escape, f1, f9, f10 or delete keys are used for entering it.
If none of those work you might wanna give the last post in this thread a go.

Thanks, I will take a look and see what I find and let you know

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