Install Kodi on Raspberry Pi 4?

I'm on Manjaro ARM (GNOME) and tried to install via both pamac and pacman. The result was that the required file was no longer available: Error 404 Error 404 Error 404 Error 404 Error 404 Error 404
Error: Failed to commit transaction: failed to retrieve some files

I then went to the URLs listed and saw that the file is actually not there anymore. However, there was another package called kodi-platform. So perhaps the name has changed?

Please note: I saw this prior post on the same topic, but it was old and closed.

Same as Kodi on RPi4

That is Kodi for the Odroid C2 and is an old version which has been deleted

You can search Arch Linux Armc packages here

Thanks @Lolix. There does not appear to be any current (other than Odroid C2) aarch64 package available.

There is a package that says it is for the Rpi4, but it is armv7h. I had thought that the Rpi4 was aarch64, but I don't know if it can run armv7h.

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