Install Manjaro ARM using Linux Deploy on Android

Hey everyone,
I've been getting into trying to run linux off of my phone through Samsung Dex (I have a rooted note 9 N9600). I've been using Andronix for a while now with their modded Ubuntu XFCE running through Proot (not sure on how to say it) but I've had issues with lag, crashes, and the general jankiness you get through a VNC server.

I figured that Linux Deploy might offer a better solution because it can be run through chroot if you have root on your phone and run the gui through an x11 server. I've tried the ubuntu varieties but they didn't seem that good comparatively and I've heard that Manjaro has the best ARM release out there currently.

My question is, how can I go about install Manjaro through Linux Deploy? It has an option to use a rootfs.tar file but the only one for manjaro I can find was here: Pre-built Manjaro ARM rootfs? and it is too barebones for me to work with. I tried running the script the user who posted it made but it gave me 404s when I tried to install openssh and didn't have basic binaries like useradd. If there's another approach to getting Manjaro running through chroot then I'm open to any possibilities.

Why not use Andronix to install Manjaro? I haven't had issues with the free version personally. Though you'd probably want to paid version to not have to jump through hoops to start a sound server and other fixes.

I just found this guide by the same user: [How To] Run the official Manjaro ARM edition on Android with chroot environment

It provides a more complete script but uses to access the gui instead of X11. I'll try it out but I was hoping I could use X11.

I mainly want to get away from using VNC as a way to access the GUI. I was also under the impression that running it through chroot is more performant that proot but I don't know a lot about the differences between the two.

Then it wouldn't matter if you use Andronix or Linux Deploy, because they both do the same thing, install a distro. Then you have to use SSH or VNC to access the session. Even the guide you just linked uses a VNC server.

If you want an alternative to VNC or SSH, you can use XSDL

I didn't know that andronix had info on using xdsl so thanks for that. As far as I know the main difference between andronix and linux deploy at this point is chroot (which requires root access) and proot. Do you know the difference between the two? I don't know much about them.

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