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How are you community? I am new to Manjaro (and Linux actually ...) I have a question I would like to install the mega desktop application (the cloud service but among the Linux installation options our operating system does not appear (Manjaro) I can not perform this operation or which option that it puts could I use? (Also for the installation of other applications where there is no specific version for Manjaro, what should I do?) Mega Sync

Megasync is available in the AUR.
You need to have AUR enabled in pamac.
I use the megasync-nopdfium version.
To see the indicator in the system tray in gnome desktop you will need a gnome extension.
I use KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator

no extension needed in plasma

sorry - I had amended my reply - the rest stands though!

No problem!

how do i do that procedure?

Add software, in the config enable aur, the search in the aur tab megasync-nopdfium an install it

If you do not know what AUR is, you should read these:

thanks, I fix the problem.

It might be after a while megasync fails due to a dependency update (just happened to me). You may get an error something like this when you run it from the terminal
megasync: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Then you will need to remove megasync and re-install it.

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