Install on Secondary Drive Partition With Windows


I'm trying to install Manjaro and am running into some issues. I have two drives, both 1tb in size:

My first drive is a Windows 10 installation, and my second drive holds some programs amd movies.

I created 250gb empty partition in Windows on my second drive.

I mounted Manjaro on a usb drive with Rufus using GPT and DD modes and booted via UEFI.

I'm using the gui installer and selected manual partition, and my 250gb partition shows up but, even after deleting it, no combination of settings seems to allow me to press next without a warning:

"FAT32 filesystem with esp flag enabled and mount point boot/efi"

I tried following the settings in the error message, but it then wouldnt let me proceed to the next step.

You need to either create a new FAT32 partition and mount it at /boot/efi or mount the existing EFI partition there.

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