Installation as UEFI along with Windows 10- grub failing to install as default bootloader

Well, I'm trying to install manjaro in UEFI along with Windows. But manjaro installing as EFI boot loader. Windows installing as UEFI. So, i can't able to get grub as default bootloader.

Manual partition.
This is how i create partition.
Partition table: GPT
A 200mb drive, FAT32 format, /boot/efi mount point
A 8gb drive, BTRFS format, /home mount point
A 1GB drive in swap format.
a 100GB drive in ext4 format, / mount point.

What is wrong with this? Why i can't able to install it as EUFI boot loader?

It doesn't matter whether it's a EUFI or UFIi just want windows and manjaro coexist with grub as default bootloader. Please help me.

And also, my laptop's processor & graphics card are AMD. So i chiosed non - free drivers. But no proprietary driver got installed. But if i choose free, it installs some drivers related to my graphics card.
Should i stick with free or should i install non free drivers?

laptop: HP Notebook - 15-bw088ax
Processor: amd a9 9420
Graphics: R5 integrated graphics + AMD Radeon 520 Graphics (2 GB DDR3 dedicated)

Read this comment:

and have a look at this tutorial:


Well, usb didn't even work. So i burned the iso in a dvd as said in the wiki. I'll look into it. Thanks.

What program did you use to burn Manjaro? There are some windows apps , like Rufus, that do not work well burning Manjaro into a usb because of Manjaro iso issues... If you tried with Rufus, you have to burn with DD mode.
Also, if you have secure boot enabled in your bios, you likely have to disable it first.


I used Rufus to make usb installer of the manjaro xfce iso. It is important to use 'dd mode'.
Installed it on an empty partition, I also have a win10 installed beforehand.
After installing from the usb live, the grub failed to install on the EFI partition (as a result I booted straight into win10 after the installation) that windows uses (usually /dev/sda2 FAT32), because the installer did not set the /boot/efi mount point to /dev/sda2. But, that's probably my fault because I did manual partitioning.
You can use the live usb to reinstall grub, that is what I did on my first try of installing manjaro. (My second try I had everything figured out).

I used burn aware free to burn it to a dvd. With USB, i always had grub error. So i used dvd.

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