[Installation Failed] rsync failed with error code 11

Hello Community,

I want to install Manjaro (KDE Edition 17.1.1) on my new Dell XPS 13 notebook.
I downloaded the ISO and copied the files on a USB-Stick (one partition, FAT32) via:
dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M

I was able to boot UEFI mode and start the installation.
When arriving in the Partition category of the installation I was not able to select any Storage Device, which seemed weird to me but I just clicked ahead.

This is how it looked:

Then, at the 50% mark of the installation I got the error message:
Installation Failed

Failed to unpack image /run/miso/bootmnt/manjaro/x86_64/desktopfs.sfs

rsync failed with error code 11.

Has anyone had similar issues?


According to the man page rsync error #11 Error in file I/O

Maybe the hard drive is not good or maybe it is too full. It may be helpful for you to paste the output of fdisk -l and df -h.

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Code 11 means it ran out of space. Please start Calamares via sudo -E calamares -d to see the actual log within your terminal. I assume it doesn't find any disk and therefore installed everything to your RAM until it was full.

What does partitionmanager or gparted say about your disk layout?

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When I open GParted on the USB-booted system it only detects the USB-Stick

I hope it is okay that I took an image:

It looks like /dev/sda is messed up, efi partition should be at least more than 4MB and then you have another odd partition and then nothing.

Very odd the gparted does not see the disk, make sure you have boot security turned off in the bios.

Brand new dell laptop?

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Yes I bought it new from the Dell store and it arrived yesteraday. Windows 10 was already installed though.

Edit: And I disabled boot security.

Does it still have windows on it? Please try df -h and see what it shows if anything.
It looks like you need to wipe the disk and start over but if it does not show up I am not sure what to tell you.

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Yes, Windows is still on there. I will try df -h this evening and report back, I am at work right now.
If it doesn't work I wil boot another distro from my usb stick and see if it can partition my hdd. Thanks for helping!

Oh OK, I think in this case your 4MB part is normal and probably the other part is a windows image file or something.
I personally do not have win 10 so maybe you should wait for some other input. :slightly_smiling_face:
There are some instance of gparted not showing windows partitions that I found in Google but I have no experience with the situation.

Can anyone with a Dell Win10 laptop confirm this guys fdisk findings please?

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Okay, it is working now. I switched "System Configuration" > "SATA Operation" to "AHCI". And afterwards it detected the HDD.
Thanks for pointing me into the right direction! :slight_smile:

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