installation fails when it reaches installing boot loader (grub)

i tried both

You have an efi partition.


yes .

You joined the forum two hours ago. Might I ask as to what you have been researching in that rather long period of time? Have you searched for an answer and found posts unhelpful? If so please link them so that others may not suffer such confusion.


all my research on google was pointless , others had almost the same problem but not quite the same .so i joined here to seek an answer .this is the kind of answers that i found

if the install fails at the grub step, manjaro is installed but grub failed.

from a terminal, chroot then do a grub install

sudo manjaro-chroot -a
sudo grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=manjaro --recheck
sudo update-grub

So which is it that you have? Just because you have an ESP does not necessarily mean that it's GPT, and some UEFIs are picky about having to boot from MBR-partitioned drives.

There's a similar issue on Calamares (Gitlab 1 year ago). Lots of changes since then, but IIRC there are more reports like that in the forum...

A workaround could be to manually install grub from Live ISO before reboot, or after one more Live boot with chroot.

Maybe search the forum and/or read this.


You may also find this post helpful...the image is removed now but i am almost positive it was the same error message.

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I tried the same partition setup as mentioned in the start of this thread and the installer crashed (by that I mean the mouse & keyboard stopped responding) at the grub install for me as well. This also happened for me when trying to install a Debian based distro (parrot security). So I tied to boot up from liveUSB (written with balenaEtcher) & to run the command that I found in this forum to install grub:

It crashed once again same as with debian. This got me thinking that I should verify that my bios is up to date & I just verified that it is. My acer aspire ES-533 is at the latest bios V1.19

So does anyone have any recommendations?
P.S. I prefer Manjaro now.

If you have read this link....

Then read this link.

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I have the same problem :grimacing:

So I did the 3 commands to install grub but the boot command fails even though I'm not doing a dual boot. Thinking that this error was because of the UEFI so I rebooted & enter the UEFI & even when I re-enabled secure boot & went to the security tab where I noticed that UEFI wont let me choose a UEFI file as trusted for executing.20191127_202735

You may need to set a password in the bios (you call it UEFI).

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I already set a password

Check on Acer website or call them.

I did check acer support. Their site said that I have the latest bios, searching the "Acer answers" turned up 2 hits that said the same directions:
I've already done this which enabled me to boot into liveUSB
Searching through the forum was yielded no relevant results.
I can't call them as my warranty is up so the won't support my system & even when it was new they provided no help when I was trying to setup dual boot (I had to figure out how to disable secure boot by myself)


if your not trying to dual-boot with something else thats already installed, enable legacy support in bios and boot the manjaro usb in legacy bios mode. with legacy support enabled you'll have 2 entries for the same usb on the boot selection menu, choose the one that doesn't say "UEFI", when you install make sure you wipe the drive and create a new partition layout.

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So my needs have changed and after reassessing them I find that I need dual boot with windows 10. So I'll read the referred links carefully as the bulk of them now apply to them and if I need anymore help I'll post in one of those threads or start a new thread

Thank you for your support

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