Installation hang at Installing Bootloader

I have spent the last two days trying to install Manjaro 20.0.1 on an Acer Aspire Notebook. My first Linux install in over 10 years.
I want to dual boot with Windows 10 so I followed instructions from here and when the installation process got to 93% Installing Bootloader it hung.
On checking I must have done something wrong when selecting the Boot partition because the original Windows boot partition had been over written with an ext4 partition. I then realised the Windows boot partition was too small only 100MB. I deleted all Linux partitions including boot and started again. This time I created a 512MB boot partition along with swap, / and /home partitions but it still failed at the same point. At first the boot partition wasn't flagged as boot and I found that when boot was selected it defaulted back to mfstdata. I have to check boot and esp. I've now tried 20.0.2 and it did the same so I have to go in and edit the flags then it retains them. As all files had been copied I tried the instructions I found here to recreate the boot file. But it failed at the grub-install command just as it did in the graphical interface. I also created the /boot/efi/efi/boot folder structure but that didn't help.
Then I found references here to problems with secure boot on an Acer notebook and to add the efi boot file to a whitelist but my BIOS does not have this. The BIOS also only supports UEFI there is no Legacy option.
Just as well Covid-19 restrictions have given me time at home to play with this.
I don't know where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.

Did you read this? It helped me to install and understand what is needed on two different machines.

Yes but it didn't help.

I deleted all Linux partitions then ran the graphic installer and recreated the partitions but did not flag the boot partition as boot.
The installation completed with the message "All Done". I then rebooted with the Live USB still connected and at the boot menu selected the bottom option and then selected the efi file from next menu and it booted into the copy on hdd. I then used Gparted to flag the boot partition as boot and it also automatically selected esp. I then shutdown removed the Live USB and rebooted and it booted into Manjaro from the hdd.
Now to restore my Windows boot files.

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