Installation Problems with VirtualBox Graphic Controllers

Hi everyone!

I'm new to Manjaro and I'm trying to install it on a Mac using VirtualBox.

Once installed and started, Manjaro warns me to change the VirtualBox controller to VBoxSVGA (the predefined option when I created the Virtual Machine was VMSVGA) in order to be able to adjust resolution and resize the screen.

The problem is that if I change to "VBoxVGA" or "VBoxSVGA" the image either crashes or it's not shown correctly (with intermittent blackouts), and if I maintain "VMSVGA" I cannot find a screen resolution that works properly to full my monitor screen, and of course I cannot resize the screen automatically (which is quite convenient).

I would love to get a bit of help from you to be able to solve this issue.

Thank you!

Use the virtual machines Display configuration to set the desired configuration.

And yes - using VMSVGA - the display does not scale to the Window size.

It is a known issue - mentioned many times - in many topics on the forum - and also mentioned at the wiki.

Thank you for your answer!

The problem is that if I follow the instructions on the Wiki and set up the installation with "VBoxSVGA" the image does not work properly. It is correctly displayed, size too, but I get random blackouts when clicking or open new windows.

This could be because the driver installed do not match the selected graphics.

The easiest approach is to delete the virtual machine - create a new and reinstall - that can usually be done within 5 or 10 minutes - which is much easier for both you and me :slight_smile: .

Strangely enough I've tested and installing from Manjaro 19.0.2 (iso) works well with "VBoxSVGA" selected, and it solved the issue.

This can even be seen in the "Live" version without installing. If I launch Manjaro 20.0 with "VBoxSVGA" selected, I get flashes and unstable image. But with the 19.0.2 version all works fine, even resizing.

So it may have something to do with the new version.

I see that other users have reported the same problem: Testers needed for the XFCE 20.0 release

Thank you very much for all your help!

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