Installation program has no wifi

I have downloaded several versions of the os I've been using for a year and on my new laptop it thinks that I have no wifi... Is nessary to Flippin install... Why is this... So I can get windows off my computer... I can just use any other distro they work. Why have you left this unsolved... Bug big deal 1st day bug.

You just need to install drivers.

Are you saying you bought hardware preinstalled with Manjaro and wifi is not working when booting (from an iso)?

Sounds like you should probably just use one of all those other distro's where wifi just works. That's what I'd do if I was clueless and had no idea how to troubleshoot wifi issues myself.

Otherwise, I'd probably write a little less insulting request for help if I actually wanted assistance getting my wifi to work on a distro where it didn't work OOTB.


You haven't even told us which wifi adapter your laptop has, so we couldn't possibly help you install drivers.

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