Installation stuck at bootloader installation (MacMini 2018 with T2 chip with MacOS Catalina)

I am having exactly the same issue as described in this post by @Shawn

My hardware is a MacMini 2018 with T2 chip.
The installation gets stuck at the boot-loader installation (progress bar at 89%).

I have removed the T2 restrictions (hence I can boot from USB-stick)
I wonder if there is any upcoming solution for these machines, although I know these are very poorly supported.

I have seen in other posts people booting on MacBookpros from 2019 from @Buddha and was wondering if a different kernel might fix this issue.

Any suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks a lot in advance

The T2 chip prevents other OS from seeing system management controllers (SMC), and that is not good at all. Even with T2 chip disabled you still might not be able to install as the install won't recognize the internal storage device, so will only work on live media, or external HDD/SSD. There are countless discussion about this (not in this forum tho).
You could try the Architect install, different kernels but no guarantee, just speculations.

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Thanks a lot @bogdancovaciu. It seems like we just need to hope that apple would at some point do something about it (do not think is going to happen though). I need to have MacOS for work, which is why I am using Apple HW.
I gave up for now and using I am Karabiner to have at least shortcuts similar to GNOME.

Thanks a lot anyway for you reply, and suggestions

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