Installation with lvm-luks, non encrypted boot and disabled #grub_enable_cryptodisk=y deactivate themes


i use architect why i need an lvm-luks with unencrypted /boot. I need the german keyboard layout, while complex password-phrase with no equivalent on us keyboard and why i hope that in the next version comes a graphical luks/dm-crypt input;).

So architect let correctly grub_enable_cryptodisk=y disabled (#grub_enable_cryptodisk=y) but update-grub don't find the theme and don't generate the needed theme installations confs in /boot/grub/grub.d.

When i enable grub_enable_cryptodisk=y then update-grub find an theme and install an correct graphical theme.

A bug in the generation scripts from grub?



I guess this topic is more for this category:

That a not a newbie question :slight_smile:

@Megavolt thx for the tip, i have moved the topic. In my understanding is i was thinking that was a newbie question. But you are right and i don't want trigger a post like "go to the newbie section noob :wink: ".

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