Installed but only get squares not text - Japanese not working

Just downloaded OS for Raspberry Pi 4 4gb SBC. I live in Japan, Japanese bought monitor, and keyboard. All text after download are small squares. Please help. I can run Firefox but my external speakers are quiet. My monitor speakers work.


Look here, I hope it will be helpful

Thanks, but I cannot navigate to anything because of all the squares so I don’t know what is where.

Open Konsole.

sudo pamac install noto-fonts-cjk

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It worked, much thanks. Now for another issue. My speakers won’t output. My monitor speakers will do audio output, not the speakers. It clicked the Audio icon but can’t figure out how to switch the output source. Help please???

I believe in /boot/cmdline.txt you have to change this:




Reboot the pi.

Then you might have to mess with the sound settings.

Also the audio/video jack is very picky with what is plugged in. It really needs a proper adapter. If you speakers do not work try earphones from you mobile phone (but not all of them work either). I know my android phone earphones work.

Thank you to the Manjaro community. I am up and running. Overly happy about all my systems and applications.

I spoke too soon. Turned on the computer today and OS wouldn’t boot up. No reason given. Help!!

Can you please provide some boot logs for the devs to see and help you with?

Most likely your sd card must be the issue please power off and insert it again and try to power on.

Please also advice if you have done any update to the system which was running fine before?

It is back to normal now. Not sure why, but as it booted properly, my display maxed out at 1024x768 from the usual 1920x1080. It ran 1920x1080 last night when I installed. Did same for my Raspberry Pi OS. I’m using a Japanese bought acer monitor 4K. Any solutions??

If you did a kernel upgrade before you shut it down last:

You had previously modified the cmdline.txt for speaker sound and maybe config.txt for your monitor?

sudo cp /boot/config.txt.pacsave /boot/config.txt
sudo cp /boot/cmdline.txt.pacsave /boot/cmdline.txt
sudo reboot

If you get a config.txt.pacsave or cmdline.txt.pacsave does not exist then I have no clue what has happened unless you messed with some settings some where.

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This is just weird. Turned the Raspberry Pi on and everything was back to normal. I can’t explain it.

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